Core Team

The core team of Pro-Lead a/s, currently consists of the two founders; Henrik Jespersen and Frank Dybdal Lilleøre and newcomers Nicolai Houe and Stoyan Yankow, who are all four have experience with leadership and team development. The team also consists of Simone Ulv Kankowski, the IT manager, and Emilie Kankowski who holds the title of project assistant.

Below your can read about their academical and work-related backgrounds - as well as what they can contribute with in terms of helping and developing your team.


Frank Dybdal Lilleøre

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Henrik Jespersen

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Prior to founding Pro-Lead A/S Henrik has held senior positions in Grundfos, Fertin Pharma and Gumlink (formerly Dandy). 


Henrik has served in international companies in the Production, FMCG and Pharmaceutical industry throughout his career. Henrik has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in working across cultures and has strong expertise in advising on strategy processes, change leadership, HR, Communications to top and middle level management.

Henrik has +15 years experience in developing programmes within talent development, leadership assessment, performance manage-ment and succession planning at national and international level.  


Through his membership of the external board he has worked with media companies, focusing on strategy development, business development, organisational development and international expansion of client bases. 


Henrik holds an Executive Master of Business Administration and is an accreditated facilitor of the Lencioni/DiSC team development suite and tests. Moreover, he is certified in Garuda, MBTI, PI and Hogan Assessment Systems.


Henrik’s approach is business oriented and with a strong focus on creating results by linking business strategies to HR strategy. Henrik has for 10 years served as chairman of the board in NOCA (Nordic Corporate Academies).

Prior to founding Pro-Lead A/S, Frank was for 10 years First Vice President in Danske Bank Group’s international HR function responsible for etablishing a Corporate University operating all leadership, transition and talent development programs on a single platform. 


He has +20 years experience in the role as management consultant from among others PricewaterhouseCoopers, with a constant focus on implementing strategic change and using leadership and organisational development as levers for cultural transformation.


Frank has a strong academical background. He holds a PhD from Institute for Organisational & Leadership Studies at Aarhus University and a Doctoral Candidate degree from Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, USA. At Aarhus University he co-founded an Executive MBA program focusing on Change Leadership. He serves in the role as Associate Professor and external lecturer supervising and counselling MBA students on assignment covering personal leadership development and strategic change projects. 


Frank works extensively with developing leadership teams and coaching indvidual leaders through personal and professional transitions in all career phases and across organisational levels and cultures. Frank is a seasoned executive coach and Authorized WILEY Partner and accredidated facilitor of the Lencioni/DiSC team development suite and tests. Moveover, he is certified in Hogan Assessment Systems.


He recurrently publishes articles and book reviews and gives presentations and guest lectures at leading International Business Schools and MBA programs. 

Nicolai Houe

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Stoyan Yankov 

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Nicolai Houe joined Pro-Lead in summer 2018. Prior to joining Pro-Lead Nicolai worked as a consultant with CISU – Civil Society in Development and Mac MannBerg.

Besides working as a consultant and advisor, Nicolai is an entrepreneur and has co-founded a couple of startups alongside his own consultancy praxis. He is also a member of the board in Coop Amba.


Nicolai has a masters from University of Aarhus, Denmark. He has supplemented this with a number of courses in systemic thinking and praxis, organizational development, capacity development and professional board development. Lately Nicolai has worked with design thinking and play in a professional context to further develop his own praxis.


Nicolai is a licensed practitioner of Insights Discovery Profiles.


Nicolai has worked with SOS Børnebyerne, BØRNEfonden, The Danish Afghanistan Committee, Dansk Handicap Forbund, Styrelsen for Sundhed og Forebyggelse (Grønland), Danish Foreign Ministry (Danida), Nyborg Kommune, Gladsaxe Kommune, Aarhus Kommune, Deres Auto, Greenland Facility Service and a number of other companies.


Nicolai facilitates organizational processes with a focus on ownership, implementation, follow up and praxis effect.

Prior to joining Pro-Lead, Stoyan has been running a number of businesses, including his own consulting firm - Stoyan Consult. He worked in communications, digital marketing, event coordination and movie production, leading teams to deliver on large and small scale projects; working with clients globally.


Stoyan is an international expert in the areas of productivity and performance. He helped hundreds of teams in +10 countries to improve their effectiveness, through trainings, workshops, 1-1 consultations and coaching sessions. He routinely gets invited to share his knowledge at international conferences, as a keynote / motivational speaker.


Stoyan has developed a 7-pillar model for team productivity - P.E.R.F.O.R.M, which is based on his years of experience as a producer, entrepreneur and consultant, backed with proven methods and strategies from productivity experts and researchers. The model is the at the core of his upcoming book about team productivity.


Stoyan holds an MSc Finance degree from Aarhus University-BSS.

Additionally he has attended a large number of trainings and educations within the areas of productivity, time management, leadership development, entrepreneurship, innovation, storytelling, movie production, digital marketing and professional speaking.


He is a certified “Passion Test” Facilitator; a decision-making tool based around one’s passions. Stoyan is also a partner at Samodiva Masterminds, a company specialised in a high-profile corporate & personal growth retreats.

Simone Ulv Kankowski

Anna Emilie Kankowski

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Simone is the team´s IT expert and is in charge of maintaining everything IT related to Pro-Lead A/S. She is also skilled in implementing Gamification and UX elements.

She is currently finishing her masters degree in Information Studies at Aalborg University, Copenhagen.

Emilie is the team´s project assistant, and helps with, researching, writing and more.

She is currently finishing her masters degree in Politics and Administration at Aalborg University.